Questionnaire for employers interested in training of specialists in the field of computer modeling 


Dear Colleagues,


This questionnaire contains some questions which are important for further successful work of  the graduates-engineers, specializing in the field of computer modeling. It is possible that they would work at your organization?

The goal of this questionnaire is  to identify the employers‘ demand for specialists of this particular profile and specify the requirements as to their knowledge, competencies  and  skills.  This would help us during the development of new academic programs. Are you satisfied with the present  level of preparation of engineers in the fiield of computer modeling?


We hope that the results of this survey would help both universities and industry: the universities would be able to train the demanded specialists, capable of creating and  modifying modern technologies of simulation and designi on the basis of mathematical modeling .


Please, for every item of the survey, select the answer expressing your opinion to the best.

Please, if possible, answer all questions of the survey.



 Thanks a lot for your cooperation!


Part 1 (Questions for the leadership)

Part 2 (Questions for specialists)

Part 3 (General issues)


University of Bremen






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Project news

23.06 -08.0718 - Open  International Summer school was held in St. Petersburg

Several Roundables with the stakeholders were organaised  to discuss the project results  and next steps of Inmotion project.

Presentation of the  new teaching and learning materials were done.

8-10.10.18 Project Meeting in Novosibirsk



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