End- User surveys and analysis

Up-to-date rapidly developing high-technological production, require specialists possessing new skills & competences. Existing professional development strategies and procedures were collected, compared and analysed.

Summary of CMSE end-user-needs analysis (Russia, Malaysia)

The Syllabi in CMSE of the EU members of the consortium were compared with the educational programs in PC universities (PCU). We analysed a discrepancy in methodological approaches and educational training methods for students at Universities in MY, RU and the EU. This was used as a basis of recommendation for the preparation of the educational programs.

Summary of analytical review of educational programs in CMSE field in EU and PC universities

Comparative analysis of the differences in training PhDs at Universities of different countries was done. It was used as the basis for the development of the training programs.

Synopsis of best didactic practices in EU & PC

We conducted the comparative study of computer simulation technology and investigated the applicability of this technology as an educational tool for effective educational process. Various CMSE packages, such as Matlab, Simulink, RDM,  ISMA, Wolfram SystemModeler and open source free solutions, such as: Modelica, OpenMVLShell, FreeMat, Scilab, Maxima  were compared and studied.

The usability and effectiveness of each package was evaluated according the ability to solve particular classes of engineering problems.

We gave recommendations on the use of computer simulation packages for different fields of engineering.

This contributed to the development of a common approach in the use of various tools of modern computer simulation packages for innovative solutions of engineering problems in different areas.

This analysis wasused to develop syllabi for basic and special courses for practical engineering problems in CMS.

Comparative study of tools for Computer Modeling and Simulation

University of Bremen






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Project news

The  final project meeting of InMotion steering  group and conference  was hold in SMTU and SPbPU in St. Petersburg on 16-18.09.2019. The members of the project steering group get together to report about the results of the project anc coordinate the work on the final report.

You can read more information about these and other events in our Newsletter  Oct 2019




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