Mini Projects

A special place in the framework of the curriculum of the Summer School was diverted to the Day of Mini-Projects. On this day international student teams made presentations of the research projects, that they had carried out at the preliminary stage of preparation for the Summer School, to the Scientific committee's court.

Based on results of the presentations and discussions, the Scientific committee of the Summer School identified the best projects that were recommended for publication in the refereed Russian journal "Computer Tools in Education".

 Guidelines on mini projects EN /RU


Mini Project Presentation 1

Mini Project Presentation 2

Mini Project Presentation 3

Mini Project Presentation 4

Mini Project Presentation 5

Mini Project Presentation 6

Mini Project Presentation 7

Mini Project Presentation 8

Mini Project Presentation 9

Mini Project Presentation 10



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Project news

The  final project meeting of InMotion steering  group and conference  was hold in SMTU and SPbPU in St. Petersburg on 16-18.09.2019. The members of the project steering group get together to report about the results of the project anc coordinate the work on the final report.

You can read more information about these and other events in our Newsletter  Oct 2019




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