Dissemination and exploitation of results

At the start of the project we developed

Dissemination and Exploitation plan.

In the framework of dissemination activities, partner countries universities conducted information seminars and meetings with various target groups during the project.

The purpose of these activities was to present and discuss the results obtained within the project, to obtain an independent evaluation of the project results. This feedback allowed us to take into account the recommendations made when creating the final educational products (outcomes) of the InMotion project.

The target groups participating in the information meetings were:

  • representatives of various departments and faculties of partner countries universities;
  • representatives of third-party universities involved in the training of CMS specialists;
  • representatives of enterprises and organizations interested in CMS specialists.

Information workshops for the university staff and stakeholders

Within the framework of the project, partner universities advertised Curricula under development in CMSE areas of study at regularly held Open Doors Days and Knowledge Days.

The target audience for Open Doors Days was:

  • graduates of secondary schools planning to enter universities;
  • parents of secondary school graduates;
  • bachelors planning to enter a magistracy;
  • students from third-part universities.

Also, as part of the dissemination activities, the results of the project was presented to secondary school students in their schools (Russia).

The target audience in the framework of the Knowledge Days were students who entered the first course of study.

Promotion of the new curricula and teaching and learning approaches in the open doors days for the graduates

More than 80 publications connected with the project content and its results were done during the project time.


The project partners published regulary newsletters and send them to sthe stakeholdes. They are availible on the project web site


Final report


Promotion of LLL training

InMotion Network

Information of the Partner Universities for the Students.

Information for  SMTU students and graduates

Information for  SPbPU students and graduates

Information for NSTU students and graduates

Information for  UniKL students and graduates

Information for UTM students and graduates

Information for UTP students and graduates



University of Bremen






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Project news

The  final project meeting of InMotion steering  group and conference  was hold in SMTU and SPbPU in St. Petersburg on 16-18.09.2019. The members of the project steering group get together to report about the results of the project anc coordinate the work on the final report.

You can read more information about these and other events in our Newsletter  Oct 2019




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