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SPbSMTU and Germanischer Lloyd (GL) signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation in innovation projects.

At the initiative of Germanischer Lloyd at the Department created a specialized ship designs audience "GL Auditorium - Bureau of innovative projects."

There, in collaboration with the Academy of GL is supposed to prepare advanced training courses, organize seminars for students and the marine industry, to conduct research and design work in conjunction with GL and other marine companies.

GL also intends to award the graduates of SPbSMTU for success in study with special prizes.


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SPbSMTU (Department of shipbuilding and ocean engineering) and the French Bureau Veritas (BV) signed an agreement on cooperation in training students of the last year and exchange of experts from each side.

Bureau Veritas is a leading international classification society in the monitoring of the design and construction of vessels and equipment for sea shelf. For this purpose, BV develops design and research activities in the field of naval architecture and marine facilities to provide necessary assistance to the industry.

BV also intends to award the graduates SPbSMTU for success in school with special prizes.

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The SMTU has been currently maintaining and increasingly developing close links with overseas Universities, research institutions and companies from Europe, China, South-East Asia, Northern America. International students from all over the world are an integral part of our student community and the University welcomes new applicants to join us.

     Кирилл Всеволодович Рождественский комментирует доклад      FAST 2005


Recently SPbSMTU announces a competition for the scholarship program of British Petroleum and SPbSMTU for students of the second and third courses of specialties or bachelor for eligibility for a scholarship of BP's on 2012/2013 academic year.

КВР со студентами в BP (Лондон)_новый размер  КВР со студентами в ИМИНТ (Лондон)_новый размер


In the summer of 2008 was organized the seminar for students of State Marine Technical University and students of the university of Palermo (Sicily), which was dedicated to the problems of designing high-speed vessels.

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The specialists of shipbuilding and ocean engineering faculty regulary take part in major important international conferences with the leading foreign shipyards, scientific and educational organizations:

GEM 2000 (Ground Effect Machines).

SP 2001 (Ship Propulsion, Lavrentiev Lectures).

World Maritime Forum 2003.

FAST 2005 - International conference on high-speed maritime transport

SubSeaTECH - International Conference on Underwater Technology

STAB-2009 - international conference on stabilizing of the vessel .

Presentation of the journal "Naval Forces"

The St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SMTU) is a governmental educational institution subordinated to the Ministry of Education of RF.

КВРдоклад на SuperFAST2008_новый размер  в Bassin d'Essais des Carenes_новый размерв ONERA (Франция)_новый размер


в Школе Передовой Техники (Париж)_новый размер


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16-18.09.19 - Cостоялась проектная встреча руководящей группы проекта InMotion  в SMTU и SPbPU в С. Петербурге. Члены руководящей группы собрались, чтобы представить окончательные  результаты работы  и обсудить план работы над финальным отчетом по проекту.

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