Department of Applied Math & Math Modeling


Department of Applied Math & Math Modeling (AMMM) will supervise the project from the faculty.

There are 4 professors in AMMM department.

The chair of the department is Professor Ryzhov.

The range of interests of our scientists is very wide.

It includes the simulation of various physical phenomena, technological, economic processes, etc.

(from modeling of the behavior of aquatic organisms to model of the shipyards operation).

The Centre for Information Technologies is one of the major learning resources available both for current computer studies and for all kinds of research. The modern equipment of the Centre along with the high qualifications of the staff guarantee the up-todate level of studies in Calculus, Computation, Algorithms, Programming, Computer Graphics, Simulation, Software and other subjects of Computer Science. Students and postgraduates are welcome to participate in the research activities of the Centre. Advanced multimedia technologies and computer-aided teaching systems are also in the sphere of the Centre's staff work.

         IIT has a powerful computational framework.

         IIT carries out  the projects with companies in various industries (shipbuilding, shipping, engineering, energetics, etc.).

         IIT is a partner of  Dassault Systemes, Computer Associates, LMS

         IIT and Laboratory of Virtual Simulation  have more than 20 years of experience in the development of different electronic information & learning products and systems


1990-1992 the first interactive Russian LaserVision disk dedicated to Russian Art «Masterpieces from the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg»

1990-1991 interactive learning tutorial «Hydrodynamics: Theory of the wing»

1993 - multimedia CD ROM disk «Russian Software»

1994 - information multimedia CD ROM disk «Karelia»

1995 - multimedia interactive learning system «Jump Into The Depth of Hydrodynamics»

1995-1996 – International K12 telecommunication project «PANGEA»


1996 – the multimedia CD ROM disk «Virtual Saint Petersburg»

1996 - the multimedia interactive learning system  «Banking management» (International Labour Organization  project)

1996 - «GLOSAR/ROSTER» - distance education project (under supervision of Dr. Takeshi Utsumi, Japan)

1996-1997 - interactive learning system  «Modern Mathematical Programming»;

1997 - the multimedia on-line data base  «The Enterprises of Saint Petersburg» (project under supervision of  the Commetee of  Economics and Technical Policy of Goverment of Saint Petersburg)


1998-1999 – interactive learning & modeling system  “Mathematical Hydrobyonics”

2000- 2003 – 3D virtual modeling system «High speed Ship Hydrodynamics»

2004-2006 -  virtual  simulator  «Behavior of the vessels during port loading»

2007-2009 – CFD simulation system «SmartFlow»

2009 -2010 - Airline Operations Simulator

2011 -  Simulation system «Transport flow optimization through the international border crossing points»

University of Bremen






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16-18.09.19 - Cостоялась проектная встреча руководящей группы проекта InMotion  в SMTU и SPbPU в С. Петербурге. Члены руководящей группы собрались, чтобы представить окончательные  результаты работы  и обсудить план работы над финальным отчетом по проекту.

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